We’re proud to be offering eco-friendly confetti. 

Our eco-friendly botanical confetti’s homegrown and/or locally foraged. That is to say, we handpick everything and air-dry them right here. 

Eco confetti is perfect for all your DIY projects, Children’s art projects, sensory bins and more. We offer pretty Botanical Mix or Autumn Leaves, it’s like bringing a piece of Muskoka to you! 

These are real petals in real colours: We’ve simply taken away a little moisture to make them last.

Please note: Although grown naturally, many items are in fact toxic if consumed in large doses. If you’re looking for edible flowers please check out our edible flowers on the previous page.

Product packaging contains both whole blossoms and pedals 

Package sizing: 

Small Bag: 5.5 in x 3.5 sealed kraft bag, comes full - weight varies

Large Bag: 5.5in x 7.5in sealed kraft bag, comes full - weight varies

Botanical Eco-Confetti