Our goal is to be the freshest option available in Muskoka and surrounding areas. 
Taste the difference with our fresh-dried Herbs, perfect for all your cooking and apothecary needs.

We grow all our own herbs naturally that ensures our herbs are grown and harvested without fertilizer, chemicals, synthetic hormones, pesticides or antibiotics and are non-irradiated.   
Our hand-crafted herbs start with the freshest herbs possible that are then dried to reproduce that essential flavor we are all looking for.   

When dried, the concentration of the essential oils yield a potency of approximately three times the strength of fresh herbs in flavour and the aroma you are seeking.  Meaning, You require less! 

Our herbs are sold in leafy form to preserve the freshness we are all seeking. The shelf-life of most powdered herbs tends to be much more limited and it’s recommended to use leaf form. 

Dried Herbs